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> Annals > 2014 > Hawaii
Staying at a Timeshare in Hawaii
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<vitriolic>A boat is a hole into which you pour money. A timeshare is a hole into which you and you heirs pour money—forever. A boat you can sink and forget. There is no way to get rid of the timeshare. If this warning has not stopped you from buying a timeshare, please buy one from one of the poor souls with futile adverts on EBay. The same timeshare unit can be had on EBay for a very tiny fraction of what the nice, smiling salesman will gouge you. </vitriolic>
Family pictures from around Kauai
Flowers in Kauai
Green things on Kauai
Animals on Kauai
Kauai sights - west side
South end of Napali coast
People at Luau Kalamaku
Show people at the luau
Show at the luau
McBryde Gardens
Kauai - east side
From our timeshare unit
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