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> Annals > 2014 > Kids
Kids, Cousins, and Kin
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Colin's birthday in Cincinnati
 Christians and their house  Colin gets a new toy for his birthday  Christians posing for a birthday together  Wow, a candle  Mmmm. That was goood
 Cleaning up the cake is fun, too  I don't even mind when my sister upsatges me  Grandma helps nme get clean  I am one year old today!  Sometimes I'm a little shy during family photos
 Schenley liked her onion ring bracelet, but really got into chowing down on empenadas  Two grandmothers, two daughters, and a grandchild twice: Jeanette, Susan, Ellyn, and Schenley  Grandpa shows the alphabet worm to Colin, but Colin looks elsewhere  Julep and Lindsay (L to R)  Lindsay and Colin jumping together
Birthday in Irwin; Easter in Chapel Hill
 Be happy Matt! It's your birthday  Schenley looking sly in her bouncer  Alex, his mom, and his aunt show off the Easter lambie cake  Sarah and Wes at Joann's in Chapel Hill  Jack's jester frog
September in North Carolina
Grandma turned 99 and the Vollmers visited Cape Hatteras
 Every year Grandma has to wear the silly hat   Some people dislike size discrimination   Kitesurfing the 2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic  Joann clicks a selfie in the woods
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