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> Annals > 2014 > TahoeNapa
Kristen's Reception, via South Tahoe
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South Tahoe, CA
 Lake Tahoe from Heavenly Mountain Resort, South Tahoe, CA  Dragon guarding his pearl, South Tahoe, CA  Golden aspens on the shore of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe  Susan cruising to Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe  On the road to Lake Tahoe. Where our arrival was jeopardized by a snow storm.
Daytrip to Donner Pass
 Fannette Island surmounted by the Tea House, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe  Mrs. Wolfinger was an antecedent of S's Prof. at Stanford  Rock in burbling Donner Creek, Donner Memorial State Park, CA  The mighty Petraterras clawing upward from his earthen lair beneath Donner Park  S stops to gaze upon the tree tops in Donner Park
 Reflections in Donner Creek  Red berry by Donner Creek  Dead tree by Donner Creek  Who is this guy and why is he beatifically contemplating chocolate covered strawberries at Ciera?  The very latest addition to S's collection of trails she has negotiated
Napa/Sonoma, Kristen's Reception
 Napa Valley  The bride  Her parents  The couple  The bride's brother, his fiancee, the bride's sister
Muir Woods, Redwoods in CA
 Entrance to Muir Woods     Redwood burls are buds. Who knew!?
     Would John Muir appreciate using a tree to make an image of himself? At Muir Woods, CA.
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