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> Annals > 2015 > Iceland
Pictures from Iceland
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 View from my hotel room in Reykjavik
 Ancient rocks and reflections, Snæfellsness peninsula shore
 Sun setting over Snæfellsness
 Sod house in path of Eyjafjallajökull eruption, 2010
 Snæfellsjökull volcano topped with glacier
On the line above, two pictures each are from Extreme Iceland and Guide to Iceland.
 Sparkling river, some of the few remaining native trees
 Our tour group and photos of Gullfoss
 Gullfoss - Golden Waterfall
 Map of thermal area - mud pots, geysers (an Icelandic word!)
 Weird black lava formations, central Iceland
 Remains of volcanic cones on Lake Myvatn
 Going to the Great Rift, Iceland
 Reflections in Akureyri Fjord
 Our whale-watching boat
 All suited up for whale-watching and fishing in the fjord
 Our fearless leader, Runar Thoraldson
 Lava fields and crater lakes
 Walking down the rift between the Atlantic and Eurasian plates
 Site of the world's first parliament, Thingvallir
 Our leader's beautiful home; he built it himself
 Geysers (geysir) in the rain
 Beautiful Icelandic girls dressed for July weather
 Spectacular Selfoss chasm
 Cliffs along SE coast, near lava flows from Eyjafjallajökull
 Misty Seljalandsfoss near south coast
 Rock stacks and black sand beach, SE Iceland -- windy day
 Toasting with Aquavit at the base of a glacier
 Closeup of the glacier -- bright blue under the dirt
 View from cliff of village on the South Coast
 Wildflowers -- blue lupines planted to retard erosion of lava fields
 Spectacular flowers in a greenhouse
 Our intrepid rafters brave the rapids -- Joan and I watched from the bridge
 The famous Blue Lagoon
 Trying on medieval clothing at Reykjavik National Museum
 Viking armor, Reykjavik city museum
 Children's banners supporting equality for women
 View of Reykjavik from round tower; Snaefellsness peninsula in the distance
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