> Annals > 2015 > Patagonia
> Annals > 2015 > Patagonia
Selected photos of our trip to Patagonia
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Buenos Aires, Agentina
 Clever toy maker shows off a top on our first evening in Buenos Aires
 Crane waits to move containers between ship and shore, Buenos Aires
 Containers piled high awaiting their ships, Buenos Aires
 Every night our steward left on our yet another towel-animal
Falkland Islands, UK
 Mature emperors sunning themselves in the Falklands
 Argentina's gift to the Falklands: thousands of mines; they are being cleared by a team from South Africa
 No predators in the Falklands so the birds are unwary
 Twisted rocks in the Falklands
 WW II cannon greets 21st century cruise ship in the Falklands
 Penguins wait for weeks until their feathers get enough oil for swimming off the Falklands
 Wave breaking under scudding clouds in the Falklands
Rounding the Cape of Good Hope
 Graffiti in Puntas Arenas reflect major concerns: Obrero (employment) and educacion (education)
 In practice, the drill rig (right) is replaced by a walking beam engine (left) to pump the discovered oil; Puntas Arenas outdoor museum
 Two of the many glaciers along the Beagle Channel
 Bird posing on old tree, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina
 The world's southernmost postoffice, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina
 Taking in the scenery, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina
 Posing in front of the scenery, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina
 Gawking at the Amalia Glacier from the Zandam
 Fuzzy tree in Chile
Santiago, Chile
 Well, the city layout may not be carved in stone, but it is cast in bronze
 Inside the cathedral in Santiago
 An underground crypt houses the museum of Precolumbian Art's collection of ancient artifacts
 Fred took a stab at a still life in the museum's cafe
 School has just let out in Santiago
 Sunset over the Falklands
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