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by ZweiBieren Life in 2016 Lighthouse

Astute readers will notice that most of ths year's photos are not by me. Most of my relatives have abandoned personal websites and idiosyncratic publishing for Facebook. Indeed, everyone is posting pictures there. Our lives are inundated with images. As I go to sites prepared to read about something I need to do, I more often find just a link to a video. This says to me that first, we are becoming a less literate society, and second that products are not designed to be usable. If usable, small readble manuals would suffice. Third, it says we are more willing to accept information passively, rather than making the effort to read. (This has had political consequences best decried elsewhere.)

Pictools features a
"Slideshow" button

Weary of my complaints, Susan has begun doing more travelling on her own. Staying home, I had less need to document my surroundings and took fewer pictures. My main effort for the year was polishing and documenting Pictools, the tools I use to maintain this website. It's a good site, but there are many other sets of tools. And every time I turned around, there was some other part of pictools to be revised. Jim Morris managed two big projects that built their own tools; he wound up claiming that was a mistake.

Here's the pictures I did collect in 2016:

Good pictures, but not stunning. I took few of these, but do appear in a couple.
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Durham, AirBnb on a boat, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving
Wyatt graduated in Seattle. The ladies visited Vancouver and Butchart Gardens.
Susan visited the Canadian Maritimes with Joan, a friend she met on a previous trip. And there are more pictures as well.

A few other pictures were pretty good, but failed to make the cut for the categories above.

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