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> Annals > 2016 > Family
Family across the continent
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Homes, mine and Mom's
 To get to our livingroom, you go up the steps and turn left around the fireplace  Mom's old room at Croasdaile Mom stretching her legs in the corridor returning from supper Meds cups at Croasdaile Grandpa ponders
Lindsay's first photo session
 Mr. Robin poses for Lady Lindasy Lindsay's best shot of a flower, with flash Rocks sit silent as sentries guarding a neighbor's tree Lindsay's first bee shot Lindsay captures Grandpa outside her house
 Fred, Cousin Judy, and moose Our Airbnb home for a weekend on the Carolina coast; I wamted not-a-condo and got this--it was much more fun Moms and kids on mother's day New sink faucet Old tub fittings (since replaced)
Ellyn and Devin at Thanksgiving
 Herself  With Niece Lindsay With Isley (Eye-Lee)
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