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Lindsay and Grandma Family

Last week I caught myself describing my high school classes to Susan. It reminded me that every time I saw my aging Grandpa Grogan he described something earlier in his life. It's okay though, he lived another decade past where I am now.

Getting old has its advantages, but improving health is not among them. Now I've got various infelicities in legs, teeth, eyes, and more; all confined to solids, gases, and liquids—nothing affecting my soul. But let's turn the conversation to high tech. All the latest gear is proudly touting their thumbprint controlled security options. That's all fine and dandy for those youngsters who actually have thumb prints. My fingers just don't have them anymore. This goes along with diminished ability to deal cards; they just seem to stick together.

Undismayed, my plan for the next months is to finish some tech projects. Stay tuned.

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