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Isley turns two - party at grandma's
 Icing the cupcakes Even Isley helps Ta da! And a store-bought cake to boot Isley eyes the cake with glee
 Thar she blows While everyone watches The whole family poses around the cake Deep contemplation
Burlington, Vermont - Stephanie and Rob celebrate their marriage
 Tourists visit the "World's Tallest Filing Cabinet" Susan burst into laughter when first she saw it People who work two blocks away at the chocolate factory have never seen it
Lake Champlaign Chocolates - we took the seated tour "Magnetic" molds have two halves held together with magnetics. If only a fraction of the mold is filled and the mold is then tumbled on the "Magnetic Tumbler", then the iside of the model is coated and the result is a hollow rabit, or duck, or choo-choo, or ...
 Initial melting pots with the final wrapping line behind The other side of the factory floor Pouring chocolate ready for dipping Dipping cherries in chocolate - two at a time Not everyone pays attention to the tour
Fort Ticonderoga
Fort ticonderoga commands a vital juncture in the route from the Saint Lawrence to the Hudosn. Over the years it took many forms and was variously captured by British, French, and American forces.
 Typical British soldier's accoutrement Randomly clad tourists watch a flintlock demnstration Ready to load - flint on the left, striker plate on the right Building a bread oven - it will last about six months
The King's Garden supplemented the soldier's slim rations and has since fed generations.
 Sunflowers get a lot of sun Butterflies still exist Dozens of bees shared the bush as I watched Although originally devoted to food, the gardens now feature floral spectacle  Friendly gardener at work
Mount Defiance overlooks Fort Ticonderoga and was strategic for its defense. Nowadays it is a communications hub sporting both a cell phone tower and a commjunications relay.
 Entries to the cellphone tower support station - generators mean service can continue for a while after a power blackout Cell phone tower Commuinications relay and its generator Fort Ticonderoga occupies a strategic point jutting into Lake Champlain
In Cincinnati, Rebecca had a decadal natal day
 Preparing the cake Awaiting the cake Hmm. Ike studies the door guard Rebecca enjoying the green cake surprise Lindsay in a show at school
Lindsay took these
 After an early morning rain Mysterious suspended drops Alive and Dead
Susan's stuff
 Joann sang in Susan's choir Half a bag of donated clothes The other half bag
Fred's stuff
 Two hard-to-find components of my CPAP All components of my CPAP CPAP head assembly No fingerprints here
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