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> Annals > 2017 > SCanyons
Susan And Lindsay visit SW Canyons
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This entire page is the work of Susan
 More petroglyphs in crevasses, Valley of Fire
 Ancient petroglyphs, Valley of Fire, Nevada
 Desert snake at Valley of Fire nature center
 Red sandstone, Valley of Fire
 Mesa at Zion entrance
 View from Marriot Hotel pool
 Peaks of Zion, west entrance
 Patriarch peaks, Zion
 Eagle Crags, Zion west entrance
 Checkerboard Mesa, Zion Canyon east entrance road
 We rode horseback among these hoodoos!
 hHunderstorm over distant plateau from Bryce Canyon
 Aquarius Plateau is 2000 feet higher than Bryce
 Lindsay contemplates the wonders of Bryce
 We rode horseback among these hoodoos!
 Hoodoos from frost action on fins of sandstone
 An ampitheater not a canyon
 Sweet singer Cassie, Ebenezer's Western dinner show
 Grandma on WInchester, Lindsay on Raspberry
 Lindsay's photo of wildflower
 View to the south over the Grand Staircase
 Arch (or bridge?), Rainbow Point, Bryce Canyon
 Lindsay's 10th birthday cake at Jacob Lake Cafe, Kaibob Plateau
 Yummy frosting flowers!
 Canyon view from North Rim
 Lindsay and Grandma enjoying the view
 Lindsay relaxes after hike to Angel's Point
 Sunset view from Lodge dining room
 Full moon, August 2017, North Rim
 Biggest chipmunk ever!
 Sunrise, north rim
 View from the terrace of historic lodge
 Rock window in viewpoint near Cape Royale
 All the grandkids from our tour
 Glimpse of muddy Colorado River from Cape Royale lookout
 Our tour leaders Darrell and Paula
 Intrepid hiker Lindsay at Cape Royale lookout
 Sunset view from North Rim lodge
 Bison and babies, Kaibob Plateau meadows
 Bellagio Italian gardens, Las Vegas
 Lindsay cools off in Bellagio fountain. 106 in Las Vegas today!
 Angel's Rest, Zion hike
 Incipient arches in Zion Canyon walls
 Looking up from Virgin River
 Great White Throne, Zion
 Amish family enjoying Zion
 Roaring Virgin River carved out Zion
 Canyon ends, west entrance
 Waterfalls and hanging gardens, Lower Emerald Pool, Zion
 Wonderful rock shop at Ruby's, Bryce Park
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