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> Annals > 2017 > Winter-Florida
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We rented a beach place on Sanibel Island, Florida.
 Sunrise, day one Sanibel is a shell sifters paradise Sunset is the gathering time People celebrate sunset in their own ways And down she goes
Birds of Sanibel
 Many birds Four birds Three birds Two birds One Bird
The Volmer grandkids came to visit
 In our pool Schenley at the shell shop Schenley wants a shell Isley gets into something Isley gets into something else
Shells and trees
 My art project: post-top shells The setting sun lights the shells from within The east side of Sanibel is vegetated right into the water I suspect this tree had human help Susan on the trail of the Calusa indian shell mounds (you can't really see much of the mounds)
 A rock face Pots for sale on Sanibel Remnant  Visitor from Mars; he lights the walkway at night Sunset glow bathes the flamingo on our deck
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