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Feb 1-11
Honolulu to
Fred Hansen, Winter, 2005

(Yellow bars are for entries made some time after the actual day.)

Tuesday, February 1

Went w/ S to Long's Drug, especially for a phone card
    and looking for a humidifier tank for m CPAP machine
    visited Jackie in the hospital; she was feeling well
The pharmacist at Long's was exteremly helpful and dialed the Apria Health Care people in Pearl City for me. Apria Heath Care is my CPAP provider in Pittsburgh and, lo, they are here in Hawaii as well. They were happy to help as long as I called Pittsburgh and had my "travel form" faxed to Pearl City.

Wednesday, February 2

Walked East to Borders. Sat there all day working on program. Finally walked on to Ala Moana Center to get dentist. Scott Wardwell's office took me in and gave x-rays. Taxi home.

The humidifier tank did not arrive because they thought I was going to come pick it up. Made arrangements for delivery the next day.

Thursday, February 3

Walked to Ala Moana Center for 9 AM dentist and had him check out my #15 tooth. (Next to last on top left.) It feels as though pulling the dental floss out from around this tooth lifts off the filling and gives a short mild stab of pain. The dentist turned out to have gone to school with the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He filed a bit off the filling and just charged me for the x-ray. Now (Mar 28) there is still that little pang. But at least it isn't getting worse.

Walked back to Borders and worked all day on program. Then walked home.

The guards said my tank had arrived, but I never got the tank that night.

Went with S to see the movie Alexander. I though it had the makings of a good two hour movie, but it took three hours. They had adopted a weird plot device to have a contemporary give the narration using contemporary diagrams. I wonder if it might have gone better with a modern narrator and diagrams. Sometimes it was unclear what was going on.

Friday, February 4

Stayed on ship all day.

Finally found my tank. It was lying on the table in Kenn's office. Kenn's staffer called to chew me out for not asking him to get my package. Here I was not getting my medical equipment and he was "embarassed" about receiving a package he hadn't known about. I expressed my frustration at being unable to find out how to get package. More chewing. I explained that I had asked six people. More chewing. Finally I invited him to at least understand my frustration: More chewing. All communications with the ship are to go through Kenn's office. Sigh, no sympathy at all. Later, remembering the strictures on communication, I disingenuously asked Kenn about getting a replacement TV in our room. Well, of course, he was having none of that. I should just talk directly to the Purser.

Exercise: 1.7 mi 30 min elliptical

Saturday, February 5

Zoo in the AM, S & E went to beach near zoo. I came home and did some more on the program.

2200 on ship time

We went to bed, but there were a number of announcements demanding certain passengers to report to the pursers office. Later we learned that only a half dozen students were late, and only one as late as an hour beyond the appointed time. Altogether, only two students have left the voyage due to the storm events

Sunday, February 6
Beautiful morning.

S had a 7:30 meeting; to get ready for 8:30 faculty/staff meeting. That meeting was preparation for an 11 AM community meeting.

8:30 AM Staff Meeting

Becky Drury
"Our commitment is to the academic program." Let us know what you need to get the teaching done. Some with ship-specific jobs (e.g., store-keepers) will be reassigned to academic support when teaching on land.

Here through the 9th. On 7th is day A6. 8th is B6.  Tuesday evening 1930, Global Studies Review. Wednesday, 9th, Global Studies exam. Possibly A7 on the 9th.

Thur, Fri, Sat (10, 11, 12): Flights to Shanghai. 3 charter flights. 244 passengers per flight (= 732).  Some 30 or so will go on a commercial flight. Arrive one day later than leave: 11, 12, 13. Flight assignment based on trips. No possibility of changing flights.
Arrival 11th: J C Mandarin Hotel
12th, 13th:  Hotel Equatorial
Rooms assigned based on trips to be taken.
Trips to Beijing: Feb 13th (Becky's birthday) Then 317 people left in Beijing. All in Hotel Equatorial. These people will fly to Hong Kong on the 16th.
Hong Kong: Panda Hotel. All meals included. Buffet style, two seatings. Room equiped with internet (but not free). 9 classrooms. Two class days: A & B.
(?) Six days in Saigon. One hotel as headquarters in Saigon. All support--medical, admin, ...--in one hotel. That is also the meeting point for trips.

Hope is to transfer from Saigon to Vong Tau for ship 26th or 27th. (26th is a potential class day. Bus to Vong Tau saves a 12hr ship trip up the river and another back down.) Senior passengers have the option to stay on the ship.

No one to schlep luggage. Take only one suitcase. And maybe a carryon.

Take A/V requests to Sumner. By 1700 Feb 8th.

Take attendence every single day. Need to keep track of people.
New rosters coming. And two new forms: confirm roster; daily attendance sheet.
Only two students have left the voyage.
Xeroxing is available on board ship. SAS will take the hard copy. Or can xerox in-country.

Les McCabe, CEO ISE
What's happening:  Sunshine yesterday was good omen. Getting good news about ship.

Work has been going on non-stop since the day after the events (Jan 27, the 2nd). Shipyard has sent the two guys that originally installed the equipment on the ship.

Ship will not sail until it passes approval. Flag state. US Coast Guard. Classification Society. Ship management company. ... McCabe himself got to tour inside the bow. It is not compromised. He also watched the video the divers were making of the bottom of the ship.

Trip to Vietnam. 12-14 day; 5600 miles. Hopefully arrive on 26th.

who is on which flight: Hansens fly on the 10th.

Receipts for travel to class or reproduction. Will be reimbursed.

Sal: Administrative systems will be available. Academic computing will not be available.

Susan, Faculty meeting
Various options for when classes to be held.
Question as to what students do the last three days. Some faculty have an exam ending at 5PM with grades due by the next day. Some suggestion that exams could be earlier, with students handing in papers on the last day. (wjh: But the papers are harder to grade than exams!)

A8 and B8 are on the way to India.  26th and 27th.
But we are in 7 different hotels. Hopefully all classrooms can be in one hotel.

A6 and B6 are Feb 7 and 8.
Feb 9 may be sea trials; with no one allowed on board.
However, we decided to make the sea trials later.
Becky: could do A/B7 on Feb 18th, 19th.

Decided NOT to have class on Feb 9.

Library reserve books will not be available. Students will have to read while in port this week.

Sal, Becky, Les: computer files

11AM Kenn: Meeting for all.
Monday and Tuesday: A6 and B6.
Tuesday Eve: Global Studies review
Wed: Global studies exam at 0920.
There will be Deans Memos.

Attendance will be taken. Code of Conduct remains in effect.
Meals at regular times:  0700-0900   1130-1330   1730-1930

Leave credit card with purser's office.
on ship: shirts and shoes

Repeated her spiel to the faculty/staff.
Hong Kong class days 18th and 19th: A7 and B7.
Late on the 19th and on 20th: flights to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)
    2 flights on the 19th, 3 on the 20th. # pax: 125, 125, 150, 150, 150
Seven or eight hotels in Vietnam.
All scheduled trips will proceed.
Ship is 26th or 27th.
Resume calendar.

Personal thanks to Amy June Brumble for web site and mature reporting of events.
Repeat assurances about the ship.
All he said is being sent to parents.

Dr. Mike:
Anti-malaria pills. Malaria is in Vietnam and onwards. Don't start malaria pills until Shanghai.

Internet is free until leaving Hong Kong.
One suitcase and one carry-on.
There will be laundry as though in port. (Kenn suggested that laundry will be the same price in hotels as on ship. This is probably false.)

Most of the afternoon, I sat around trying to get into working on this log. One thing I did do was to split global studies out of log to a separate file. And I did a map of our route. We had a beautiful dinner on the 6th deck. Then we went back to the movie houe to see "Flight of the Phoenix." It was pretty good.

Monday, February 7

Back to classes today. Time to catch this log up to say what I've been doing.

My biggest activity has been to write a piece of software to help review photos submitted for inclusion in the web site. It provides for the submitter to include a text file wth the photos giving captions for each.

Exercise 2.3 mi 33 minutes elliptical

Things to do on internet while it is up (although it is in yoyo mode):
    get additional libraries needed for Composer build
    get Java documentation
    get ftpd for redhat linux  (eventually got ProFTP)
    more email
    pay citibank

picked pictures to print

sunscreen, wallet hider, gym shorts, water bottle/holder

Tuesday, February 8

Fine morning.
Breakfast with Don from Farmington, Illinois.
Robert Fessler joined us.
I got onto my kick about the survival of the "American Way." After all, the United States is just about to the limit as expressed by the average of a Chinese dynasty. To what extent, I ask, is the US success to-date a result of superior political system and to what extent is the success a result of abundant resources. America was founded on a continent recently purged of humanity by a plague delivered by the earliest Europeans. The original settlers and waves of imigrants were people willing to make sacrifices for the future. They wanted the good life and built it. Now their great* grand children want that good life, but are not trained in appropriate ways to get it. We have become Enronized. Those in a position to grab the good life do so without regard to ethics or the harm that may be done to others. Don thought that China was upsurging solely because of US investment and innovation. However, China has lots of smart people and now has net assets--even though too many of those are in US dollars.

Last night the internet was spotty. Some computers had it and others did not. Ram contacted France and they claim to have fixed the problem, but have not explained what happeened. I suspect that the free internet has induced a greater number of simultaneous logons. Some table in the netinary site probably overflowed.

To find out what I need for building Mozilla composer, I need to build it.

10:30 - Now netinary has died again.
1100 - try to get through glib
    I just copied glib.h to /usr/include from its subdirectory
the very next test is for IDL. It fails. Sigh.
again the required file is  /usr/include/libIDL-2.0/libIDL/IDL.h
    but should be /usr/include/libIDL/IDL.h
this time I am using a symbolic link

now I have to restart the build and save the output to a file

fails by not finding /usr/bin/nsinstall
    cd composer/mozilla/config
    gcc -o nsinstall nsinstall.c pathsub.c
    cp nsinstall.exe /usr/bin

Next problem is that MOZ_TOOLS_DIR is set to
    MOZ_TOOLS_DIR=`cd $MOZ_TOOLS && pwd`
    MOZ_TOOLS_DIR=`cygpath -w $MOZ_TOOLS_DIR | sed -e 's|\\\\|/|g'`
that is, to E:/cygwin/usr
However, `ls E;/cygwin/usr/bin` produces the empty list
in config/config.mk we get:
NSINSTALL    = $(CYGWIN_WRAPPER) $(MOZ_TOOLS_DIR)/bin/nsinstall.exe
((I added the .exe))
but then nsinstall is not found in E:/cygwin/usr/bin
even though it would be found in /usr/bin

changed composer/mozilla/cygbuild/config/autoconf.mk to set
(formerly was /home/fred/composer/mozilla/build/cygwin-wrapper)

The build is now going through.
However, the value mostly being used for CYGWIN_WRAPPER is the old one.
The problem only happened in cygbuild/config/Makefile
        $(INSTALL) $(IFLAGS1) $(HEADERS) $(DIST)/include
INSTALL is set in mozilla/config/config.mk
    NSINSTALL    = $(CYGWIN_WRAPPER) $(MOZ_TOOLS_DIR)/bin/nsinstall.exe
composer/mozilla/configure sets
    MOZ_TOOLS_DIR=`cygpath -w $MOZ_TOOLS_DIR | sed -e 's|\\\\|/|g'`
I think now that THIS is the line in error. It is not needed and kills the build.

/usr/bin/gcc -mno-cygwin -o xpidl.o -c -DOSTYPE=\"WINNT5.1\" -DOSARCH=\"WINNT\" -DEXPORT_XPT_API   -I../../../dist/include/xpcom -I../../../dist/include -I../../../dist/include/nspr   -I/usr/lib//include -I/usr/include/X11    -I/usr/include/X11 -Wall -W -Wno-unused -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wno-long-long -mms-bitfields -pipe  -DDEBUG -D_DEBUG -DDEBUG_fred -DTRACING -g -IE:/cygwin/usr/include -IE:/cygwin/usr/include  -I/usr/include/X11 -DMOZILLA_VERSION=\"1.7.3\" -DHAVE_SNPRINTF=1 -D_WINDOWS=1 -D_WIN32=1 -DWIN32=1 -DXP_WIN=1 -DXP_WIN32=1 -DHW_THREADS=1 -DWINVER=0x400 -DSTDC_HEADERS=1 -DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN=1 -DNO_X11=1 -D_X86_=1 -DD_INO=d_ino -Dmode_t=int -Doff_t=long -Dpid_t=int -Dsize_t=unsigned -Duid_t=int -Dgid_t=int -DHAVE_DIRENT_H=1 -DHAVE_LIBM=1 -DNO_X11=1 -DMMAP_MISSES_WRITES=1 ... /home/fred/composer/mozilla/xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.c
In file included from E:/cygwin/usr/include/stdio.h:46,
                 from /home/fred/composer/mozilla/xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.h:47,
                 from /home/fred/composer/mozilla/xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.c:42:
E:/cygwin/usr/include/sys/types.h:160: warning: useless keyword or type name in empty declaration
E:/cygwin/usr/include/sys/types.h:160: warning: empty declaration

The above error message repeats for lines 162, 163, 166, and 184
These are lines in types.h of the form:
typedef   long        off_t;

Now, let's look carefully at that command line. Lo, there they are:
-Dmode_t=int -Doff_t=long -Dpid_t=int -Dsize_t=unsigned -Duid_t=int -Dgid_t=int

This converts the line from sys/types/h into:
    typedef long ;
which is indeed bad C.

One possible solution is to eliminate calls to stddef. In xpcom these are just:
./build/malloc.c:#include <stddef.h>   /* for size_t */
./MoreFiles/FSCopyObject.c:#include <stddef.h>
./threads/plevent.c:#include <stddef.h>
./typelib/xpidl/xpidl.h:#include <stddef.h>

Another solution is to set SKIP_COMPILER_CHECKS in the environment

(BTW, stddef.h is in gcc:
The full set of include files there in are:
    emmintrin.h  float.h  g2c.h  gcj/libgcj-config.h  gpc-in-c.h  iso646.h 
    limits.h  mmintrin.h  pmmintrin.h  stdarg.h  stdbool.h  stddef.h  syslimits.h 
    unwind.h  varargs.h  xmmintrin.h, and objc/...
A README file explains that these are platform-specific adaptations to produce ANSI C headers.)

Wednesday, February 9

Big day.

The academic content was solely the first exam in Global Studies. Fessler claimed last night that it would be straightforward. It was. I think I got at least 42 out of 50. Mostly I had to guess on a few because I didn't do the readings. {Nope, I only got 39. Not as straightforward as it might have been.}

There had been considerable faculty discussion earlier as to whether to make today an additional A classes day. Eventually the faculty settled on, "No". Good thing, as it turned out.

After the exam there was an all-community meeting to discuss getting to China. And whaddayaknow, the first flights were to leave this evening. So 170 of us had to pack this afternoon. It seems the original charter flights fell through because the pilots did not have China visas. So we have to go on United Air Lines regular routes. Only after the meeting did we find out that our flights include a layover. And a layover several hours in the wrong direction: San Francisco. And it is a to be a nine hour layover. Ugh-yuck-sigh. Since I've not really been looking forward to foreign travel, I;m not particularly upset. But many people are upset by the tiring travel ahead and by the loss of days in China.

And now I have to revise my travel map.

E and I went shopping at Walmart this afternoon. Having left my gym shorts in Pgh, I sought more. But Walmart was out (!)  I settled for cargo shorts. And bought a Hawaiian shirt. At least a half dozen people complimented me on it this evening. I wanted a valentine for S, but stuffed animals were cheaper. She got a stuffed animal. (Made in China.)

Apparently it is a bad idea to take a laptop to hotels. So the next pages of this log will start out on paper.

Thursday, February 10
In the afternoon, I went to get pictures printed at Kinkos. Also got on internet and uploaded my website to physpics.

Met in lounge for flight at 1830. Flight not until 2200.  Nasty surprise: flying to San Francisco, 9 hour layover and then on to Shanghai. And a commercial flight, so deans did not even get first class. On first flight we got no leg room, but did get some on the flight to Shanghai.

Friday, February 11

5 AM arrival in San Francisco. Had slept reasonably well on the flight. Faculty and staff were invited to the United Airlines Club. I went and ate junk food for breakfast and lunch. Tried to use phone card, but it wouldn't work.

3PM flight to Shanghai. No sleeping possible. Three meals. Four movies; but I'd seen two and didn't want to see the other two. Nodded off enough that I didn't finish The Angkor Massacre.