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Fred Hansen, Spring 2005
India Pictures
Susan visited the Chithra Cultural Center south of Chennai. Here her guide poses in front of a cart used to parade around the temple idols during festivals.
Temple complex at Chithra.
Dance group. They travel India presenting the Mahabarita. It takes 6 hours, so they also offer an abridged, one hour version for ignorant, impatient westerners.
Agra is the home of the Taj Mahal. But first we got dragged to a shopping exposition. They did show us a loom and made one knot on it. This unusual rug features designs from the Taj Mahal. I bought nothing.
Next we visited the Red Fort. I was eager to see it since it features in the Sherlock Holmes novel, The Sign of the Four. However, 80% of the fort is still in use by the Indian army and is closed to the public.
The Taj is visible from the Red Fort. In Agra, the majority of tourists were Indian.
Sometimes my camera is of no interest to my subjects.
As everywhere in India, we found wild monkeys in the fort.
Transport and drivers were everywhere in India. Espcially in tourist areas.