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Fred Hansen, Spring 2005
Vancouver Pictures
Setting sail from San Diego after boarding the faculty and staff; first stop, Vancouver.
The parent's reception (no students allowed!) featured a huge chocolate ship and dragon. Sadly, no tasting allowed.
Prof. Hansen welcomes the parents with a speech in the "Union."
The parents listen to Prof. Hansen
Looking back on Vancouver as we began our voyage. All was still calm. The most exciting thing awaiting that we knew of was the life boat drill scheduled for 30 minutes after departure. Little did we know its importance.
Some of he faculty waited out the stormy night in the deck 7 corridor. We breakfasted on trail mix and lunched on Tostitoes.
The North Pacific in January is not unfailingly idyllic. This picture does not do the waves justice.
Meanwhile, the store tossed its goods around pretty severely.
The computer monitors were dumped on the floor when the table broke. Note that there were no triangular braces on the table legs.