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Pictools: Shell Script Tools
V3.3 (342)
Uses ftp to emulate scp
usage, in shell: fakescp file ... username@server:directory

If your hosting service does not allow file-upload via scp, one fallback is fakescp. Fakecsp communicates via ftp, but presents the same command line inerface as scp. Fakescp is selected by setting Pictools.property picscp to fakescp.

The listed files are transferred via ftp to the server given as the last argument. No slashes are allowed in the list of files. The directory value must not begin with a slash, and should usually begin with the value of property PICSDIR. (MakeVars does it right.) When finished, fakescp returns status 0 for success and 9 for failure.

The ftp password for username must be supplied, ideally as the value of environment variable PICPASS. See the description of property picpass.

If environment variable PICTOOLSDEBUG is not the empty string, then a note about each call to fakescp is written to /tmp/pictoolsdebug.log.

FTP versions

Many hosting services, including mine, disallow the usual unix version of ftp. So fakescp fails. My service does allow scp and filezilla, so I am okay. You may be able to utilize some other implementation of the ftp protocol; Cygwin includes five. All should provide the commands needed by fakescp.

ftp   Installed in Cygwin as part of the inetutils package. This is the one I have tested.
tnftp   As of February 2015, the cygwin release is still an old version that is vulnerable to a security hole discovered in October 2014.
lftp   One report says this is faster. It is from Russia where there are excellent coders and excellent hackers.
ncftp   Maintained by a commercial vendor.
tftp   No security implemented.


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