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Pictools: Pix Page Pieces
V3.3 (445)
Transfer data for thumbs index page from genhtml to properties
usage, in properties: thumbs.template: /library/thumbsparms.php

Gendirs expands this template file to create the index.php page for a captions segment directory. That is, for a directory corresponding to a file: line in a captions file. Since genhtml treats a single dollar sign as a macro call this file cannot be an instance of the PhyspicsMain template (which has single dollar signs). Instead this file has a sequence of $sp-setprop calls like this:

$$sp->setprop("thumbsparm.segname", '$segname');

The properties that get set are thumbsparms.xxxx for these values of xxxx:

Property   Value description
picdir   Directory containing the picture on the server
capfile   The captions file parsed to create this index page
segname   Name of the segment; the file name from the file: line
prev   Link to the previous picture
next   Link to the next picture
prevbutton   Kind of button to display for link to previous picture; UP or PREV
nextbutton   Kind of button to display for link to next picture: UP or NEXT

The HTML code for each individual thumbnail image is generated by wrapping the contents of a file around each image. The name of the file is given by property thumbs.pictd; its default value is /pictools/pictd.html.

With these parameters set, control is handed to an actual page, thumbs.php, fetched because it is the properties value for thumbs.wholepage.

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