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Annals of Zweibieren, 2009

Andrew 25 &
Jim Morris 50

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On November 27 the old (pun-intended) habituees of the Information Technology Center gathered together to recall good times and to celebrate Jim Morris's fifty years with Carneige Mellon (starting, he assures us, as a Freshman in high school).

The evening before, James Gosling gave a public lecture touting the success of Java.

The lectures were, as expected, a mishmash of rehashing old stories, recounting personal odysseys, and looking to the future.

In my own talk, I twitted Gosling for claiming that toasters have TWO interfaces, the plug and the toast slot. Clearly they have also a user interface. Mine had also a radio interface, but that is a bit strange.

Satya's talk included the original Vice-Virtue diagram:

Diagram of Vice file space with attached Virtue Workstations

Vice = Vast, Integrated Communication Environment
Virtue = Virtue Is Reached Through Unix and EMACS

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