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Fred Hansen, Spring 2005
/tmp/Africa Pictures
Entrance to Tsavo East Game Park,. Kenya.The elephant is a sculpture.
Browsing giraffe. (Grazers eat grass.)
View over black rhino reserve. Tsavo west.
Table mountain (left rear) and Lion's head viewed from Signal Hill. Capetown.
Eucalyptus at sunset on Signal Hill, Capetown.
Pond, rest stop, and Cedarburg Mountains, north of Capetown.
Setting out on a game drive in Kagga Kamma.
The setting sun lights up a Kagga Kamma canyon.
Soon the sun set.
S stayed in this "cave room" at the Kagga Kamma Lodge.
Bushmen rock paintings. Assumed to be dancers around a fire. S thinks these images are strikingly similar to aborigine art in Australia.
View from the swimming pool at Kagga Kamma Lodge. (Pool was too cold for all but S.)
Here's the pool. It wasn't very big.
Kleinplasie farm museum. Sheep enclosure made from roots, as in pioneer days (early 20th century).