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Fred Hansen, Spring 2005
FatehpurSikri Pictures
Fatehpur Sikri was founded because a holy man living there prophesied a son and the prophesy came true. (If not, would he have lost his head?) Taken from the king's quarters and public audience area, this shot shows the harem on the left, the private audience building in the middle, and a pool with island on the right.
The site overlooks a gorgeous valley.
As we entered we met this carver who instantly reached forth with a crude elephant scratching we could buy.
Intricate carving. The herringbone effect is common at the site.
Our guide. The most repetitive guy I've met. No wonder that his audience here is less than our full compliment of seventy tourists.
A better view of the island platform. Still looking toward the private audience building.
Inside the so-called priate audience building is a central column with walkways from the four corners. The building's purpose is not entirely clear.
The king's quarters.
The walls are rubble-and-veneer. Here we see some veneer over the bush, but mostly it has wasted away.
The private audience building from a nearby ruined area. After fifteen years of building the city, they finally noticed that there was not enough water to sustain a city. It was abandoned. (Exemplifies: quixotic waste by wealthy individual; the importance of resources.)
Adjacent to the bus parking was the old mint, a series of buildings under low domed roofs.
Typical village street scene through bus front window. Lots of traffic. Series of little shops on both sides of the road.