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Fred Hansen, Spring 2005
TajMahal Pictures
After getting frisked by the Sikh guards, we were allowed into the Taj area, but the Taj itself was still hidden behind this wall and gate.
The gate is cleverly designed so your first view of the Taj is dramatic. However, the sheer size is still not apparent.
Halfway from the gate to the Taj, it appears even bigger. And people are everywhere.
This flower is featured in some of the designs on the Taj. To the right of the Taj is the guest house. Opposite is a similar building housing a mosque.
From the mosque we get this view of the side of the Taj.
Work is ongoing, especially on paths and fences. Rocks break under constant traffic.
My guide kept showing me places to take pictures. Then he demanded a lot of moeny; I paid a third, but still too much.
Looking back at the entry gate.
The guest house. The river is at the lower left corner of the picture. In Shah Jahan's day it was drinkable. Not now.
Flowers on the Taj itself. The dark design is inlaid semi-precious stone. Inlaid an inch. Guides shine a flahlight so you can see its depth and translucence.
The design on the terrace around the base of the Taj. No shoes are alloed up here and within the Taj. The inside is quite dark and has little of interest.
The mosque.
The sun came out later in the visit.
I stood at this spot and took a dozen pictures trying to capture the colors of the saris. Never really got the shot I wanted, but this is maybe the best.
The fountain spigots bisect the image.
I just like this shot. It's from the entry gate area.