To the Better End

Discussion Topics

Fred Hansen
Winter '07
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Should death be deferred at all costs?
If not, how much cost is too much?
In one case a feeding tube was recommended to provide strength to fight off an infection which was not othewise life-threatening. So when should it come out? One counsellor advised setting a time limit before inserting the tube. When the time expired, the tube would be removed, and God would see to the further progress of the patient.

What are the costs to society of fighting death to the bitter end?

How can we tell when the last stages of life have arrived?
The hospice community accepts only those patients with less than six months to live. Is this appropriate?

If a person needs assistance to end life, how do we avoid the Kevorkian-syndrome?
It may be just me, but it seems that Dr. Kevorkian became attached to killing people. It must be a powerful emotion. Perhaps there should be a limit that no living person can assist more than one other person.

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