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Go Gear for Sale
Click a thumbnail to see larger pictures, one-by-one
 beautiful maple board awaiting lines
 glass stones in wood bowls (? Chinese quince)
 the quince bowls and their glass stones
 glass stones in sturdy plastic bowls 
 spiffy plastic bowls with (majority) glass stones
 plastic stones in spiffy plastic bowls
 club-used stones (mixed types)
 half-size travel set
 magnetic go set (for travel)
From my various tournament winnings I pieced together a nice set. it is for sale, but priced so it won't sell.
 my set - carry case (holds next board and bowls)
 my 2.8 cm slotted board (13 line board on back)
 my chestnut go bowls 
 my bowls (chestnut?) with slate and shell stones
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Sep 16, 2023 00:34 GMT
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