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Manyapplications need the same sorts of uer interface behaviors. The tools in this package are a a bit more specific versions of tools that are already in javax.swing.

src Jdoc class note
Java steaming cup doc with "J" AccentAction.java In lieu of many Input methods, this class provides keystrokes for most Eurpean characters and the arabic numerals.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" CheckOff.java Presents a list of strings with checkboxes and asks the user to pick one or more.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" ChoosableFileField.java Combines a JTextField naming a file-or-directory and a button to set the field via JFileChooser.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" ColorRange.java Adjust the values of eleven colors; nominally they represent 0, 1, ... 10.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" DragRect.java Display a rectangle whose body and boundaries are draggable.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" HelpBox.java Adds to the display a window for a helpfile describing the client. Accepts location messages from the client and scolls the help window.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" HelpfulFileChooser.java Tries to do a slightly better job of asking for a file.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" HTMLDocPlus.java An augmented HTMLDoc. Most important is a mechanism for adding behaviors to what would otherwise be static elements in the document. Button presses can do anything. text can be revised. Images can change.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" INumber.java A number parser.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" PropCon.java A subclass of Properties with defaults that can be connected to the same same set of properties files as accessed by Pictools's propcon.c
Java steaming cup doc with "J" PropertyPack.java A property machine that extends Java's ResourceBundles, especially in supporting multiple sources of propeties.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" PropertyPack_Bundle.java The Bundle manager for PropetyPack
Java steaming cup doc with "J" TextFields.java A TextFields is an adjunct to a JEditorPane. It delimits sections of the text that are editable and highlighted. There is also provision for adding labels with arrows to the segments.
Java steaming cup doc with "J" RunDemos.java DESCRIBE

AccentAction   The body of the window is a JTextArea named text1. AccentAction was enabled for it with

Text including accented characters entered with AccentAction   In each line the first character was entered by typing the middle sequence. The right-hand end names the character.

CheckOff Sample

3 checkboxes in a single CheckOff

ChooseableFileField demo

text area and button

ColorRange window

11 colors in a range

DragRect demo

window with various items, including three draggable rectangles
final DragRect frG = DragRect.create(bodyR); 
    new Color(255,128,128,100)); // pink wash
frG.setRect(new Rectangle(75, 50, 40, 20));



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