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Java Notes

* This button downloads an installer jar. To install the app, put the jar in a folder and double-click it. Double click the application's icon to run it.

In this area, I've collected some of my work intended to help a novice Java programmer.

screen shot of a source explorer generated page
An interactive viewer for the code of FontViewer,
generated by SourceExplorer


Reading program code can be confusing as adjacent lines may implement widely separate parts of the user interface. To help, I wrote a font viewer program and marked each line as to what feature it implemented. Then I wrote the SourceViewer system (below) to animate the source code. With the resulting FontViewer-tour you can highlight or isolate the code for any one of some forty features.


SourceExplorer generates an interactive page slicing and dicing a source codefile. The developer marks each code line with a feature tag. When viewing the code you can highlight or isolate any chosen set of features. The example at right shows the viewer generated to see the source code of FontViewer.

Java Notes

From time to time I have responded to questions posed on various forums. My collected answers are in this section. Also here is the program MakeColorPage with which I explored how to display a bunch of named colors.

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