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> Annals > 2006 > Japan > Aug6
Aug 6 - Tokyo Tour
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 High-tech bus loading, directly outside arrivals terminal  Four checked bags, three carry-ons, and a large purse  Our guide and bus for tour of Tokyo  Checking out the Braille description of the view at Tokyo Tower  Checking out the view straight down
 Tower view looking toward the Imperial Palace (it's now behind a building)  Gazebo overlooking pond at Happo-en garden, Tokyo  The garden has a small collection of Bonsai  Tasting a sweet at start of tea ceremony  Lunch at Chinzan-so
 The sacred rope marks a place where a Shinto god lives   Hotei, one of the seven lucky gods of Shinto  There was a
 Warrior in Imperial Palace public park  A corporate pressence we saw cruising Sumida River, Tokyo  Apartment buildings dome in all sizes  Cranes are everywhere; a crane grants longevity (but only if it's a bird)  Tourists coming and going
 Marginal residents inhabit river tents  The Golden Turnip (my name) marks a brewery  The shopping arcade from river to Asakusa temples  Decorations for sale  Modern women near the temples
 Old male statues near the temples  Interior of one of the temples at Asakusa  To cure a body part, put it in the smoke; to get rich, waft smoke into your pocket  An old temple given the Cristo treatment as it is renovated  Small pagoda outside the temple for praying for grandchildren
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