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> Annals > 2006 > Korea > July16
July 16 - National Museum
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 Approaching the National Museum. There are also stairs. The helpful entry hall staff. They knew how to get batteries, an item not stocked by the museum store (!) Main corridor or the National Museum. Even the escalators are worth seeing.
 Magnifiers to view a piece of metal type. Maps are always fun to look at. Contemplating a throne. The royal artist created a map so the king could see his house. Legend speaks of a map scaled 1:1. The "Food Court" menu is menu based on that principle.
 The cooks behind the counter pass food to the staff in front. They hand it to you. Sometimes you hand it to your kid. Our lunch. An early "combtooth" pot. Later ones were not decorated as much. Stone tools. The caption says it was bound for firing. I say it was bound in ropes to carry it.
 We attended a concert based on a modern version of this aqncient instrument. Pots. I took a lot of pots. They are the the longest lasting fragments of a culture. A jug coffin. If you really hate the rain. Ancient stone lantern in the main corridor. I wonder if this kid was ever a babe in the "Nursing Room" behind her.
 Pot with inscribed bottom. Metal pots. Holder for a flag over a horses tail. The well-armored warrior. Pot with triangle-pierced outer pot. S loves the celadon version.
 Metal pots with wheel decorations. A long line of pots. "International Exchange" Archeological investigation has revealed trade with many neighbors.  Crown and belt. A spectacular old piece, dramatically displayed. Plaque for "National Treasure No. 91"
 The rider himself. Even ten shots did not get me a good one. I call him "Don Quixote." Main corridor from the other end, near the 12-story pagoda. The pagoda from the third floor. Two sitting Buddhas.
 Two more Buddhas watching the first two. A small gong. A big gong in an atrium. An beautiful, ugly celadon pot. One last pot.
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