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by ZweiBieren Korea University Campus Maps  The lawn at the Yangpyeong resort. Boathouse on lake edge.

The Anam Campus of Korea University is more or less a triangle with sides of roughly three-quarters of a kilometer. The faculty of Summer Campus live in one corner, have offices in a second, and teach courses in the third:

small map of Anam campus, Korea University

The University offers a highly stylized map that is of little use in actual navigation. Here it is with pointers to the same locations as in the map above.
picto-map of Anam campus of Korea University

What neither map shows is that the residence hall is some two hundred feet higher than the lower campus. Out walks invovled quite a bit of uphill and down.

Notice the part marked Street of Shops. We walked down there our first day expecting forest and were a bit perplexed to find a busy shopping area.

the "street of shops" on the way to Woo Dong Hall
Kind passersby reassured us and told us--rightly--to turn left at the billiards hall. 

As an alternative I offer a bigger version of a map based on Google satellite imagery. If you want to annotate it for yourself, you can download it as a big Powerpoint file. Or download a patched together satellite image of the entire Anam area.
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