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> Annals > 2006 > Korea > vanishpt
Pictures with vanishing points
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 Susan walking to her office through our local shopping street. Susan on an uphill between the shopping street and her office. Waiting for the subway train. Inside a subway car. (TVs are actually rare.) Kimchee pots at the Traditional Folk Village.
 Shops at the parking lot for tours to the DMZ. A string of kites enlivens the sky over the DMZ parking lot. A random spouting fountain invites children to play at the DMZ parking lot. First stop on the DMZ tour: Dorasan station awaits its first train. A picture from behind the photgraphy-permitted line at the Dora observatory.
 Offices downtown. The last hill up to Seoul Tower. Looking southwest from the Seoul Tower plaza. Unlikely decorations of the Tower plaza. An old prayer/wish cairn on the path to Seoul Tower.
 A garden at Changdoekgung Palace. Our tour group leaving the Palace. Our neighbor's balconies. The restaurant where Prof. Lee took us to lunch. Our apartment door and the corridor beyond.
 Our shopping street. The cooler isle in our grocery on the shopping street. Main corridor, National Museum of Seoul. Ramp to the National Museum. Pots in the museum.
 The other direction in the main corridor. The cart-escalator at Emart in Bundang. Ubiquitous apartments line the street outside EMart in Bandung. Calligraphic decorations on Prof. Lee's wall. Samples of roof technologies at the Korean Folk Village.
 One of the traditional buildings. Kiln for pottery. A line of fires produces high temperature at the upper end. Front porch of city hall. Jail. River bank eroded by the recent storm.
 On the Express Train to Gyeongju. The beach at King Munmu's underwater tomb. The Buddha in the rock at Golgulsa. The gong gazebo in the National Museum of Gyeongju. Treacherous combination of stairs and ramp in Anapji Hall.
 The covered amusement park at Lotte World. Ready for a festival at Nagoya Castle, Japan A waterway between shrines at Kasuga Taisha, Nara, Japan
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