> Annals > 2007 > Fall-Windmill
> Annals > 2007 > Fall-Windmill
"The Windmill" flea market in upstate NY
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 The sign is more inviting than the windmill itself Here's a closer look at "The Windmill's" so-called windmill Suitably for fall, a vendor displays indian corn and gourds Some gourds come in strange shapes. This one is a sea monster. Upstate New York around Penn Yan has become Amish country. The owners of The Windmill and mqny vendors are Amish.
 Buying and selling The stunning corrugated ceiling in the produce section at The Windmill "Fresh Roasted Peanuts" These playhouses are for sale. Guess who wants one. Although trying the swing, she seems leary
 Taking time to smel the ... gravel "Sneakers and more" Hmmm. Which leather will look best? Gourds gone wild Candied apples and plates were for sale here, but I bought natural peanut butter
Dramatic clouds dominate the sky over "The Windmill"
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