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Florida in the Spring
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 Bob, Becky, Susan, and Fred Hussong. Bob's house. A builder, Bob built both his house and Fred's. About half the outside equipment is visibile here. There are altogether four A/C units. Boating from Bob's dock we crssed from fresh to salt water via fancy fork lift. The first hour was spent idling along the canal and seeing wildlife like this duck.
 On the salt side we passed many families enjoying the water side. Fred, Becky, and Susan in the boat, just before we decided to vist Cabbage Cay. Fred called this "Bird Island." It was smaller, but still there when we returned. There are some serious commercial vessels among the mostly recreational crowd. Cabbage Cay, where Jimmy Buffet found the perfect cheeseburger.
 Traditionally one signs a dollar and pastes it up. These are new since Hurricane Charlie; the older batch was donated to hurricane relief. This tree is heavily laden with a parasite. From the watch tower fine views are had in all directions, including this one to the North... .. and this to the South. Fred helped holdup the watch tower roof (formerly the bottom of a huge water barrel).
 The water lines are patiently guarded by Lenny the Lizard. Susan and Fred Hansen getting ready to leave. The dockmaster was no where to be found and lost out on this particular tip. The hibiscus were shutting down for the evening as we left. View North from the dock. I took many pictures of where dolphin had been. his is the only shot I got of a piece of a dolphin.
 At one point my shooting at dolphins disturbed these birds. At "Ding" Darling nature reserve on Sanibel Island this crested egret was one of the many wading birds we saw. Fred relaxes in his kayak. The 30 SPF goo preserved the whiteness of his limbs. A cormorant drying his wings. Apparently they can plumb the depths to a dozen fathoms in pursuit of their fishy meals. Susan and Fred reflected in the placid waters of the nature trail.
 Taking the tram tour through "Ding" Darling we viewed the water impoundment areas meant to minimize mosquitoes. To day they are controlled with a bacteria that prevents their reproduction. Our guide did not know the effect of the reduced mosquito population on bats, fish, and others who eat mosquitoes. Bees pollinating the golden rod. Edison (tommorrow) found that goldenrod was a good source of latex for natural rubber. Not commercially use, however, because synthetic rubber had already been invented. Whole lotta pollination goin' on. Our guide, Mari (MAH ree, explaining the mangroves. The mangroves were devasted by Hurricane Charlie.
 Susan enjoyed the outing. Mangroves drop roots from their limbs. Mangrove roots help stabilize the soil. Where limbs were, are now gnarled knobs. Note that new growth is plentiful.
 Fred and Susan rode Ann's bikes to the beach. Ann and Susan enjoyed the beach. Fred returned home to find shade. Fred poses with Tom Edison at Edison's summer home and laboratory. And Susan poses, too. This single enormous tree is today's 'remnant' of a single four foot gift from Henry Ford.
 Before his automotive breakthroughs, Henry Ford worked for Edison. Later he gave his old boss a car. Edison did not drive, but enjoyed being driven. He annually refused the offer of a new car, but Henry upgraded the old one. Power takeoff on the front wheel of Edison's model T.  From the back porch of Edison's house we wee some of the thousands of plants he planted and experimented with. Maintenance is essential in Florida's growing environment. Here a small palm is being moved to make way for a new Royal Palm.
 It seems inauthentic, but the palms are decorated with modern twinkly lights. Edison's dining room and living room. As much a businessman as an inventor, Edison's possession of the property was not straightforward. This was the first electrically lit house in Fort Myers. It also had always the latest in sound reproduction equipment.  The kitchen sported an electric stove. I suppose the big bin was for flour. One of the green canister-bottles was also labelled "flour."
 Ford's neighboring property sported this gigantic Mysore fig tree. With the fig tree in the background, the foreground is bamboo, the first successful filament for electric lights. The stand of bamboo is one reason Edison selected the property. Mysore fig trees grew sculptured root systems. The guest house is in the foreground, with Edison's house behind. Edison's house, guest house, and Ford's house. With ongoing modern grounds refurbishment.
 Mina Edison installed this cot to disuade Edison from napping whereever he happened to be. The biologicals laboratory. Mostly dedicated to the search for sources of natural rubber. In the museum are these commercial players of music. The center "jukebox" offers twenty one choices to the user flush enough to drop in a nickel.  Music players took many forms. Foreground, from left: a projector, a model of the "black maria" movie studio, a bigger projector with syncronized sound, and a viewer for scenes that moved by flipping postcards. The entire studio rotated to get the sun on the stage.
 More early projectors. The one on the wall pre-dated the use of reels. Lena Lizard has no idea of the wonders of man, being part of the great wonders of Nature. On Thurday morning, Fred walked to the end of the shaded lane. There he found San Carlos Bay. And the bridge to Ft. Myers. And four birds.
 And many birds ignoring the homes of thousands. The return walk passed a little pond. Went down the lane. Passing cars meant to get an early start on water sports. Rural the lane might seem, but developments surround it.
 A development with a fine floral front gate. A blue heron waits for dinner. Birds find food in the ditch. La Quinta gets a new sign. It is needed; we almost drove past the place. The birds are still there at sunset.
 She looks solitary, but there were a hundred others watching the sun set from our little beach. Some strolled in pairs.
    More dramatic scenes could be shot from the weeds.
   Asking them to pose was the only way to get them to stand still.
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