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> Annals > 2007 > Massachusetts-East
Rockport MA and thereabouts
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Milford, PA - Stopover near Delaware Water Gap
 Our lodging in Milford, PA, the Laurel Villa Country Inn; beautiful gardens Another guest at Laurel Country Inn; she mistakenly claimed that cameras hated her S relaxing on our king-sized bed at Laurel Country Villa, Milford, PA Hungry lad dines in Milford, PA Bronze frog lounging in the garden at Laurel Villa Country Inn, Milford PA
Sarah's place, Rockport, MA
 Fantastic fish fountain in Sarah's garden Lilies in the foreground of the view from Sarah's garden Sarah looks out on her view and garden Japanese beetles can be a problem in Massachusetts Early morning worker retars the drive of Sarah's neighbor
 The view at dusk from Sarah's place
Downtown Rockport, Massachusetts
 "Motif #1" has posed for countless art students in Rockport Rockport is an active fishing port; here is a detail of a lobster trap Not a coffin, not a port-a-potty, just a large storage bin that's needed at home Administrative center for Rockport harbor Rockport streets and alleys wrap the port, offering multiple views of Motif #1
 Even a cloud poses with Motif #1 in Rockport, MA Inside the Pewter Shop in the Bearskin Neck shopping street of Rockport Lurking lobster pots and Motif #1 in Rockport, MA Seagull and powerboat pose with Motif #1, Rockport, MA Three tired shoppers in Bearskin Neck, Rockport
 Two young ladies found some privacy to eat their yogurt in Rockport Pleasure sailing is popular in Rockport A sailboat harbor in Rockport Headlight detail Taffy puller in Rockport shop
 Parts of old vessel recycled in Bearskin Neck, Rockport MA The lobster pots are not just for show; here S enjoys one at the Greenery, Rockport, MA Sarah enjoys her sea bass at the Greenery, Rockport, MA Sarah made me get up from my dinner to shoot Rockport harbor at dusk; thanks, Sarah, good idea
Halibut Point State Park, Rockport, MA
 The former Babson Farm Quarry at Halibut Point State Park was close enough to the Atlantic to load ships directly from its now filled depths Today, deep waters cloak the chasm bereft of harvested stone Deep quarry pond reflects what I call "Motif #2," the old quarry control tower Time, weather, and the sea have corkscrewed this old tree near the quarry, Rockport, MA Standing guard while his owner sleeps in the shade near the quarry, Rockport, MA
 Multi-blued sea from the quarry cliff, Rockport, MA Quarry remnant inspires a photographer, Rockport, MA The old man of the quarry is hte one piece of conscious art in the park Blue-footed non-booby on summer grass (see Galapagos pic) Blue-footed non-booby on the granite of Rockport harbor
 "Motif #2"--formerly the quarry control tower--now attracts its own coterie of artists Demonstration of quarrying by pounding wedges into a row of small holes Gulls rest on cleft left by quarrying No a-jammers a-llowed, a-butters o-nly
Paper house and nearby pottery
 Delicate cottage made from lacquered newspapers Detail of outer wall of paper house End table in paper house shows clearly how it is made from rolled newspapers; rolling was done with a hand-operated machine Just some of the porch furniture in the paper house The modern owners have made a newspaper valence with more recent papers
 These newspapers have stood the test of time The furniture could be used, but isn't Carving a niche in the art world
Sailing on the Appledore III
 A-frame derrick on the Appledore III's dock, Rockport, MA Our fellow passengers welcome us aboard the Appledore III, Rockport, MA One of the crewwomen stowing a line after rasining sail The fluffy bits are to protect the sail where the line in it would rub against the halyard Loading the cannon
 Netting to keep the passengers from slip overboard Stowed rigging lines Lowering clouds atop the hills of Rockport, MA Stink-boats swooping by; the Appledore III paid no attention Clouds and the rock jetty, a man-made anchorage
 Amateur yachtsman out for a spin
Glouchester, MA
 It's not hard to tell a fishing boat Solar desalinator; the spiral track collects condensed water from the dome The platform below is on rollers and is shackled to an engine awaiting launch time Shipwright skills are not entirely lost in Glouchester, MA Gazebo's view of Glouchester's cove of mansions
 Gazebo in Glouchester's cove of Mansions Crow's Nest, the smoke-soaked neighborhood bar depicted in "The Perfect Storm" Glue drips from a railing cap on a modern building; such slop would not be tolerated in ship building Modern tankers line the shore opposite the wooden antiques Bird soars past the mast of a wooden party sailer
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