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> Annals > 2007 > Massachusetts-West
Young Fred summered in Monterey, MA
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Naumkaeg, home of the Choates
 Naumkaeg is a "cottage" with a third floor for servant's quarters No photographs allowed beyond the entry to Naumkaeg itself Gong used to summon family and guests to dinner in the elegant dining room with place settings of over a dozen items The garden features foreign influences, here oriental And here east of the house in the Afternoon Garden the influences are Italian
 Sculted tree frames passer-by at Naumkaeg From the gardens Naumkaeg reveals its vastity  Well-used garden tools neatly arrayed in the garage of Naumkaeg Barn in the lower grounds of Naumkaeg A visitor ascends the descending "Blue Steps" fountains at Naumkaeg
 An artist prepares to paint the "Blue Steps" fountains at Naumkaeg Non-linear entry to the Chinese garden at Naumkaeg Overview of Chinese garden from the baths to the right of round door; shrine is on the right The shrine in the Chinese Garden at Naumkaeg Dragon, front-view
 Dragon, side-view Pagoda and lantern on the outskirts of the Chinese Garden, Naumkaeg The dragon on the Naumkaeg shrine steps, looking from the top View from the shrine in the Chinese Garden at Naumkaeg
Oak 'n Spruce resort and waterfall
 Kitchen of our suite at Oak 'n Spruce resort The washed out bridge from resort to picnic area; we drove around Massive tree along the waterfall trail, Oak 'n Spruce resort S strolling up the waterfall trail, Oak 'n Spruce resort The anti-climatic pond and waterfall destination on the waterfall trail, Oak 'n Spruce resort
 S contemplates the waterfall from a vantage beside the stream which is sometimes furious enough to hurl these rocks Rocks embedded in the bank below the falls Downstream from the waterfall, Oak 'n Spruce resort Oak 'n Spruce sports a great free miniature golf course with a lovely stream; a stream diminished somewhat by the pond scum topping its final pool Swimming pool at Oak 'n Spruce resort
Edith Wharton's home, The Mount
 Trees on the driveway into Edith Wharton's house, The Mount Tourists approach The Mount through it rear door Entry passes between two garden sculptures There will be no pictures past the big doors of the Mount Plenty of beverages to choose from when lunching ($) on the front porch of The Mount
 The front porch looks through the gardens to a small lake The front of The Mount, as seen from the garden walk This lady wanted pictures of the flowers; here they are, Ma'am,  enjoy them in good health The English garden with The Mount beyond The English garden from the center of the garden walk
 Looking at a caterpillar The Mount from the Italian garden The Italian garden of The Mount
Tanglewood, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
 Children at play in the formal gardens at Tanglewood The dedication stone in Tanglewood's formal garden is showing its age Dramatic clouds graced the sky for our visit to Tanglewood The music shed at Tanglewood is long on tradition and short on beauty A new tent at Tanglewood is for hosting donor events
 Near the shed the crowds are dense, even during the reheasal we attended where the shed itself was only half full Tanglewood's rich and diverse music may have inspried this tree Long after the end of the rehearsal people lingered to enjoy the balmy afternoon Farthest from the music shed, Tanglewood overlooks the waters of Stockbridge Bowl
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