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by ZweiBieren Fall, 2007 pumpkin
"The Windmill" Flea market in upstate New York
Dramatic clouds
Fall travels
Susan's early home was this farm on Stever Hill Road in Branchport, NY
Steverhill Winery, across the street from Susan's family farm
Susan and Karen sail on Keuka Lake
Fall - Milestones
Mom's 92nd at Joann's house in Chapel Hill, NC
Remembering Daisy Dog Christian
Ellyn's new puppy


Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's been a busy travel year. I've stopped putting away my suitcase after each trip. After Peru and the Galapagos in May we went to Massachusetts in July. Then we had Mom Blackall's funeral in Horseheads. Followed almost immediately by Lindsay's birth in Cincinnati.

September, another trip to Cincinnati.

Then a trip to pickup some odds and ends left by Mom B. Most of the pictures here are from this trip. We went to "The Windmill," which turns out to be one of those inelegant contraptions with fan blades atop a steel tower. The attraction is the several hundred shops that set up there every Saturday, offering all manner of goodies you never imagined you could not do without. From there we went on to Susan's old house on to Stever Hill road in Branchport. And a visit to the Stever Hill Winery.

In October for my Mom's birthday S and I flew to Chapel Hill. I planned to stay a week, but the next weekend was to be in Cincinnati, so I bought a new return flight to Pittsburgh. Serendipitously, the one I chose had to change planes in Cincinnati. I failed to make the connection !-)

This weekend  Ellyn and I will visit Cincinnati again. Then we go there again for Thanksgiving. RDL and all my family visit here in Pittsburgh for Christmas.

An Israeli landscape. Z. Rudavsky
Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finished Thanksgiving in Cincinnati. Good times. Now I am working on the wHim macro processor. Except it has gotten bogged down in trying to build a generalized URI class which will do I/O in a uniform way to all sorts of sources and sinks.

Today I got my eyes examined. I need new glasses. The doc (Rudavsky) has a new granddaughter, too. And he puts his photos on the web. For instance the nice one at the left came from a trip to Israel. He also emailed me these two pictures of my eyes.

The inside of my right eye.
The inside of my left eye.
Right eyeLeft eye

Daisy Christian
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sad news from Cincinnati. Daisy Dog Christian passed away, after a long and cheerful life. Her "Mom" Rebecca, sent a remembrance. I remember Daisy from many walks together. She was always game for a walk, no matter how warm or cold.
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