> Annals > 2007 > Lindsay-September
> Annals > 2007 > Lindsay-September
Lindsay in September
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 Clean   Aunt Ellyn shows off Lindsay    I demand my rights!   All dressed up and nobody to take to the ball    Who are you and why are you hiding behond that thing?
 Go Longhorns!    Cousin Tanner enjoying Lindsay   Dad's more interesting than anybody else    Grandma H shows off Lindsay   All that posing is hard work
 Hairbows!  Bye, bye, now!   Family at rest   Lucy and Lindsay deep in mutual contemplation   Grandma Bev cuddles her latest grandchild
 Grandma Bev's sister Nancy approves   Beaming Uncle Sean admires Lindsay   Beginning to cast a skeptical eye on the world    At ease and contemplating Grandma Susan Swaddled!
 Snug and swaddled Derek, Lindsay, and Lucy snoozing Asleep in my duck suit My astronaut outfit Even very young I knew Uncle Z was worth watching
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