> Annals > 2007 > Lindsay-August
> Annals > 2007 > Lindsay-August
Lindsay is born in Cincinnati
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First three days
 Labor is debilitating Baby's pulse is 136 (just fine); contraction intensity in a lull is 9--at full pitch it is well over 100. The basinet is waiting Derek is waiting; the rocker sits silent The nurse's station is waiting
 The nurse's station is decorated Grandma is waiting AND HERE SHE IS! Daddy shows her off Grandma checks her out
 Rebecca is delighted The family together Grandma is delighted And we all go home Out through the Bethesda North lobby
 Transfer to the car Sleeping with dad Crib is ready Zzzzzzzz zzz z z z
Fourth day to eighth, another hospital
 Doctor explains the options Lindsay objects Lindsay falls for the old thumb-with-sugar-water trick The nurses work her over Lindsay still wearing her hep-lock. Doctors know next to nothing about the blood chemistry of neonates.
 Shrugging off a blessedly needless hospital visit Proud Papa dangles yawning Lindsay Safe in Mommy's arms Mutual admiration society Beauty is in the eye ...
 All clean and gazing at grandma
The second week
 Lindsay playfully punches her aunt Grandpa cradles Lindsay Lindsay ready for an outing in her jungle togs Proud grandma poses with her granddaughter
Other neat things I shot in Cincinnati
 A wasp makes herself at home in the new basement emergency exit In fact, TWO wasps liked the neighborhood P-G headquarters, downtown Cincinnati, while waiting at the bus depot. The zen-like calm outside the Cincinnati Greyhound terminal Inside the Cincinnati Grey Hound terminal
 Brother tends sister, sister points at Mom buying tickets Daisy Dog exploring around her tree Fred's American Eagle hat Beautiful house and gardens in Lindsay's neighborhood  Butterfllies and bees swarm to the flowers in the yard
 Butterfllies and bees swarm to the flowers in the yard Butterfllies and bees swarm to the flowers in the yard Ellyn at the most famous bagel shop in Cincinnati Arcade near the bagel shop  Modern software shop adjoins retro railway hut
 Lucy only has one pose in the kitchen Sisters
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