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2007 Peru / Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador


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Quito with our tour spots noted
Culture House area includes the Banco Cental Museum, Magic Bean restaurant, and Mercure Hotel
Equator monument is at the left.
We did not visit the Winged Virgin, but it is on a couple of photos.

Travelling around Quito

first night restaurant(?)
park w/ Eiffel building(?)
plaza de Armas
botanic garden

Inti-nan museum and equator monument
Olga Fisch

Friday, May 18, 2007

Today was a tour of Quito and surroundings.  First we went to an overlook park featuring a build designed by Eiffel for a world's fair. It is cloaked within glass to preserve it. Our guide for Quito is Patricio. At the park he described the volcanism of the area and showed pictures of eruptions in the recent past.

The bus then took us past a church with gargoyles in the form of Amazonian animals, rather than European ogres. And then we stopped at the central square fronting the presidential palace. Curiously, the street level of the palace is lined with shops literally in the basement of the building. Nearby we visited a "gold church", but they allowed no pictures.

Lunched at a nice restaurant near the equator. Then on to the Inti-Nan museum on an equator. Apparently they now have the real equator according to GPS, although the official equator memorial is a big monument visible about a hundred meters away. At the museumn Patricio described how shamans do healing. And then we saw the equator with the hokey demos like water swirling down the drain one way to the north and the other way to the south. Turns out that the guy pouring the water into the tank is in full control of which way it swirls, depending on how he pours the water. I was in control of an egg, and balanced it on the head of a nail. (An indentation in the top of the nail helped.)

Lastly we visited the Olga Fisch museum/shop. Saw hummingbirds, but couldn't get a shot.

Returned to hotel. I went out and got a new recharger and batteries. Camera is fine. Dinner at hotel. Happy Anniversary to the Davises. At 10:35 PM a parade went by.

Saturday, May 26, 2007. 

This turned out to be a stellar day. Everyone else had their own plans so we went with Patricio to the Botanical Garden and then the Banco Central Museum. Lots and lots of flower pictures, but the museum banned photography. Lunch at the Magic Bean restaurant and I walked back to hotel. Bus to airport for the evening flight to Miami.

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