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> Annals > 2008 > Lindsay
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A sage has remarked that it is incredible how much a one year old has learned in only twelve months. If only we could keep it up. 

At somewhere around six months, Lindsay began daycare. So she has been intermittently sick for much of the year. And very intent on her learning. She grabs things and manipulates then in all ways. She stands and bounces up and down.  This is probably fun, but she is strengthening those leg muscles for holding her up. And once standing solo, crawling became a thing of the past. Being under a table was thus a quandry; but she did eventually crawl out.

Speech has had to await prior perfection of locomotion.  Her grandfather Fred wonders if that resulted from too little tummy time at an early age. Her being-read-to quota, however, has been well attended to. Nowadays she picks up books and leafs through them on her own. If she were talking she might be able to tell us what she is reading in the books!
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