> Annals > 2008 > Norway > Highlights
> Annals > 2008 > Norway > Highlights
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 The Polar Star in Bellsund Massive building beam joint at Heathrow terminal five Our guide in Edinburgh, Sue Caseley Another Edinburgh guide, not ours; wonderfully animated The "Carnegie Stairs" in the Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
 Ancient tree in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh Dawn of our first day aboard ship; off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland Entrance to a house in the Orkneys; five millennia old Skaill Farm, from Skara Brae, Orkney Islands The ring of Brodgar, Shetlands; at 4500 years old it is a little newer than Stonehenge
 Illiterate birds at Jarlshof, Shetland Islands Bridge to islands offshore from Bergen, Norway; one of the thousands of new bridges in Norway Edvard Greig's home outside Bergen, Norway Art shot of the bird cliffs of Runde Island, Norway An emergence outside the bird cliffs of Runde Island, Norway
 The feeding tank at the aquarium in Ålesund, Norway Wood detail of a nail-less old stave church at the Trondelag Folk Museum, Trondheim, Norway Hikers about to descend the exit from the hole piercing Torghatten Torghatten; yes, that is a hole right on through One of my many pictures of Reine, Norway, the view that was voted the most scenic in Europe
 Yes, we were there at the most scenic spot in Europe (and the sky and sea cooperated marvelously) Yet another shot of Reine Blacksmith's whale overlooking the piers at Sund, Norway Bridge across the harbor at Tromsø Antenna on a cloudy day at Tromsø
 Grumpy ignores growl-ly Gull following the Polar Star in Samarin Fjord, Hornsund, Svalbard  Susan on the ice after Polar Star demonstrated that it really was an ice breaker Pierre confronts the Polar Star in Samarin Fjord Tourist with guide Gary protecting us from Polar Bears (apparently a real danger exists)
 Life boat on Polar Star, cliff on Samarin Fjord This is the life; on Samarin Fjord The Weather was perfect for viewing and picture taking Rippled sky? I waited ten minutes for the ice to drift just right
 ! !! Egg ashore at Gnålodden, Svalbard ! !!! (Our latest PC wallpaper)
 All the clouds we saw all day S points out our polar bear The bear was far out on the ice; he was at a seal hole, probably intending the seal no good The mountains across from Svalbard airport. The memories fade, but the photos delight us
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