> Annals > 2008 > Norway > June1
> Annals > 2008 > Norway > June1
June 1 - Troms
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 Water running through Tromsų University's Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden View across the Botanical Gardens to the mountains behind Tromsų The Arctic Cathedral in Tromsų Bridge across Tromsų harbor from in front of the Arctic Cathedral Too much Picasa color tuning gets you to this picture of Tromsų and the Arctic Cathedral
 Antenna in the fog on the hills above Tromsų Junk on a hill above Tromsų Beauty tames the beast in Tromsų University's Archeological Museum The poser's sister is more shy Weaving demonstration in the Archeological Museum
 An arctic explorer's elaborately illustrated journal; lots of time and not a lot to do Grumpy ignores growl-ly The Norwegian Navy welcomes you aboard Norwegian Coast Guard ice breaker just docked after six months of research off the east Greenland coast Wires, each as thick as a thumb, arrayed aboard a Norwegian ice breaker
 Water sampling system; the whole is lowered with the tubes open and each is closed at a different level of ascent The Polar Star returning from bunkering a million dollars worth of fuel in Tromsų
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