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by ZweiBieren Army Unit Sizes polar bear on polar ice as seen from Polar Star
Newspapers, books, articles, and web sites often refer to so-and-so-many Brigades, Divisions, or Armies deployed to such and such a place by such and such a country.  This has always bugged me since I couldn't understand from it how many men were invovled.

When David Storrie lectured us on the German occupation of Norway in WWII, he did it again. The Germans, he said were obliged to keep 5 Divisions in Norway just in case the British decided to invade through there.  (The more you conquer the bigger the perimeter you must defend.)

So I asked David what a Division might be. And what are the sizes of other components of armies. He came up with the following. Each level expands one of the components on the level above.  In practice, every Army has Corps, every Corps has Divisions, and so on.

5th Army

6th Corps
10th Corps
15th Corps

5th Division
24th Division
36th Division 45th Division

10th Brigade
22nd Brigade
28th Brigade

1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
22nd Artillery Regiment 5th Engineer Company
22nd Logistic Regiment

Headquarters Company
'A' Company
'B' Company
'C' Company
Support Company

1 Platoon
2 Platoon
3 Platoon

1 Section
2 Section
3 Section

Approximate sizes of the various type of unit:

Unit type Comprised ofNominal Size*
Rifle Section Corporal and 9 men ~10 men
Platoon Lieutenant, Sergeant, and 3 sectionss ~35 men
Rifle Company Captain, Warrant Officer, CSgt, and 3  platoons ~120 men
Battalion Lieutenant Colonel, Maj, HQ company, Support Company, 3 or 4 rifle companies 600-800 men
Colonel or Brigadier General, 3 Battalions, Artillery Regiment, Engineer Company, Logistics Regiment
2800+ men
Major General, 3 Brigades, Divisional Artillery Regiment (Heavy guns), Engineer Regiment, Brigade Headquarters, Staff
say 15,000 men
Lieutenant General, 4 Divisions and a Headquarters
~70,000 men
General, 3 or 4 Corps
200-300 thousand men
(*The unit of size is "men". Women do not exist or do not count.)
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