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 EUC work rules require signage. It would not do to have a workman put his back out lifting this block. Novatel Hotel taxi, Edinburgh View from Princes Street, looking across to the old city, Edinburgh  Tea service at B'est restaurant, Edinburgh
 The old country copies a cigar store icon from the new country New town, Edinburgh (Well it was new in the eighteenth century) Conclusive Barry checks out a bike
 Describes three of the few items from the time of Macbeth Holyrood staff parks within the grounds  flowers Susan carrying the water bottle
 arborage Listening to a short note on the bay at Skara Brae
  Entrance sign at Skara Brae
 Fleeing bird at Jarlshof Above ground home at Jarlshof At Jarlshof At Jarlshof At Jarlshof
 At Jarlshof Sumburgh Hotel Standing stones guard the ends of the room divider piers at Scatness Lerwick, Shetlands
   Cod head
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