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> Annals > 2009
by ZweiBieren Annals of Zweibieren, 2009:
A year of gardens
The Elizabethan herb garden
The Elizabethan Herb
Garden, Mellon Park

For much of this year I was occupied with photographing the Elizabethan Herb Garden in Mellon Park. When I wasn't doing that, I wrote a tool for tagging the photos.

Yellow flower at Longwood Gardens
Longwood Gardens

Except for travel, when I wasn't walking to the park to take photos, I was driving to Cincinnati to see Lindsay. Our travels took us to the gardens of North Carolina, the beach in Delaware, a cruise in Baja, and the sights of Seattle, including Mount St. Helens and the Olympic Penninsula.

In April for Easter I lead a meeting of the UU Men's Group. In September I photographed a meeting of the Pitt Women's Studies group. While there I noticed the wide variety of footware and took pictures. November featured the 25th reunion of the Software Engineering Institute, where Andrew was born.

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