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> Annals > 2010 > Mideast > Cairo
Best pictures from the Cairo area
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The pyramids and Sphinx
 My first sight of a real-live pyramid! Cell phone towers and all.  Khufu&s Pyramid at 8:15 AM  You can climb to see a bit inside Khufu&s pyramid  The pyramid of Khafre  Two camels, four pyramids, and a rock
 Me, a camel, and pyramids  Susan on a camel  Crowds visiting the sphinx  The sphinx and Khufu&s pyramid  Carvings decorate all of the hundreds of tombs in the Saqqara necropolis
Other stops on our tour
 The "bent" pyramid and two others, as seen from Saqqara  The earliest hall of pillars; unsure of stability, the builders erected a pier behind each pillar to attach it to a wall  In the Mohammed Ali Mosque, Cairo  A fez maker at work, Khan El Khalili bazaar, Cairo  Roman theater in Alexandria
Day trip by train to Alexandria
 The beach at Alexandria  Block party in Alexandria  Young Egyptian at a block party in Alexandria  Alexandria&s seaside  The sun sets on Alexandria
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