> Annals > 2010 > Mideast > Nile
> Annals > 2010 > Mideast > Nile
Best pictures from our Nile cruise
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Sailing on the Nile
 Fred and Susan show off their efforts to float the Egyptian economy  The Nile shore is for fishing, grazing, pumping, and growing -- towns for living are beyond; between Edfu and Kom Ombo  Preparing desserts aboard M/S River Anuket  Using the computer room, Wady El-Malikat Primary Mixed School, Luxor  Of the ten shops opposite our pier, five sold Coke and three sold dreesses; Edfu
APOR - Another Pile of Old Rocks
 Delicate colors have persisted for millenia at Hatshepsut Temple  Birds abound at the Temple of Hathor, Dendera  Guide Bassem points out the only surviving depiction of Cleopatra, Temple of Hathor, Dendera  Kom Ombo Temple  The hat signifies reign over both northern and southern Egypt; Hathor at Edfu temple
 Modern crane to restore ancient ruin, Karnak Temple  Big pillar, Karnak Temple  A tourist strives to fit in at Karnak  Entry portal to Philae Temple  Filming within the inner sanctum of Philae Temple
Abu Simbel; twilight
 Sahara Desert in Egypt; on the way to Abu Simbel  A guide lectures in the shade at Abu Simbel  Abu Simbel  Luxor Temple lit up at dusk  Dawn at Edfu
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