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> Annals > 2010 > Mideast > Jordan
Best pictures from Jordan and Petra
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Amman and Jerash
 All the world&s a stage, Roman ampitheater, Amman  Serving the "Upside Down" chicken at our home visit, Amman  Islamic fountain startling for its depiction of faces, Museum in Amman Citadel  Cheerful visitor to Jerash, Jordan  Collonade in Jerash, Jordan
Other pictures
 Modesty is the prime directive for these guests leaving Mount Nebo, Jordan  Watching the rock movers out back from the vantage of the roof sheltering the ancient church, Petra  "Are you lookin& at me?" Petra  Our buggy through the Siq, from the entry to the Treasury, Petra  Swimming Pool at dusk, Dead Sea Touristic Resort, Jordan
Miscellaneous Petra pictures
 Romans followed the Nabataeans in Petra and built the pillars of the Cardo and their temple  For tourists, a rickety bridge spans this ravine; Petra  Detail of the starboard Mosaic in the ancient church; Petra  The shop up high at the Urn Tomb; Petra  Susan checks out the street of facades; Petra
The Siq ends at the Treasury
 Water channels follow both sides of the Siq, Petra  The walls of the Siq weigh heavy, Petra  Approaching the Treasury through the Siq; Petra  The Tresury, Petra  Returning in the afternoon to the treasury area, Petra
Tombs in Petra
 The Little Shop at the Treasury, Petra  As we leave, we look back along the Street of Facades; Petra  Where the columns bottoms have failed, Petra  Tombs are everywhere, Petra  The tombs of Tombs of the Kings cover their entire cliffside, Petra
Magnificent colors at Petra
 Did the carvers of these Petra tombs plan to exploit the fantasic sandstone colorations?  A donkey would rather fill its belly with food than its soul with wonder, Petra  Inside the Urn Tomb, Petra  Looking back after descending from the Tombs of the Kings; the Urn Tomb vendor is the white dot near the center; Petra  The Tombs of the Kings seen from the ancient church, Petra
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