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 A vendor awaits his customers outside the Urn Tomb, Petra  The starboard mosiac in the ancient Christian church, Petra  The Tombs of the Kings from the "shopping center" below, Petra  New arrivals pause in wonder at the sight of the treasury, Petra  Dawn of our first day in Amman
 Amman from its Citadel  Temple ruins in Amman Citadel  Bust in Citadel Museum, Amman  A fireplace for your campground, Museum at Amman Citadel  Entry to the Roman ruins, Amman
 Guide Hazim shows us the Roman ampitheater, Amman  Nature continues her attack on the Roman ampitheater, Amman  Our host captures our attention during our home visit, Amman  Magnificent ancient mosaic floor at Mount Nebo, Jordan  Building a new church on Mount Nebo to house relics of Moses, Jordan
 Our guide claimed that on a clear day the view from Mount Nebo includes New York; we did not visit on a clear day  Terraced crops on the hills seen from Mount Nebo, Jordan  "One God, Father of all, and overseeing all", Mount Nebo, Jordan  Ancient mosaic showing wine making, Madaba, Jordan  Near Madaba, Jordan
 After nipping the tile to shape, the artist will dip it in the glue and tweeze it into place, Madaba  "Happy Birthday, Sozan" after lunch in Madaba  Jerusalem on the Mosaic Map; HAGIAPOLIC is "Sacred City", IEROUCA is "Jerusa"  The Mosaic Map (6th century); North is to the left; at top is a ship in the Dead Sea; the oval below is Jerusalem  "ROCDAN" - the land of Dan; below it "NATIPAROI" is part of a bible quotation: "Why did Dan remain in ships?", St. Georges, Madaba, Jordan
 Get yer Popeye Burgers in Madaba  Wadi Musa sparkles in the morning sun as we prepare to enter Petra  The Siq, the ravine entering Petra, was carved long ago by wind and water  Petra's winding entry Siq offers tantalizing glimpses of the awaiting wonders  The left wall of the Siq is lit by reflected light, Petra
 Two cats and a camel, in front of the Treasury, Petra  Awaiting riders at the Treasury, Petra  The camels see me, Petra  Sunlit dramatically separates the upper and lower tombs of the nobles, Petra  Time to set up shop, Petra
 This giant cleft reminds that Petra--at only a couple of thousand years--is young; it will succumb to nature  Petra's main theater holds 6000 people, so the population must have been considerable; live theater did not have to compete with television  On again, off again geology blessed Petra with amzing colored designs  Has this donkey any idea of the splendors above?  Petra  Tomb ceilings are also colored, Petra
 A tree takes advantages of the water in a canyon, Petra  Marvelling at the wonders of Petra  Arches support the plaza before the Urn Tomb, Petra  Unfinished stairs lead to unfinished tombs, Petra  These hardy tubers sprout up all over the sand, Petra
 Modern day renovation uses diesel to move rocks, Petra  The payloader dumps its load, Petra  Workers manhandle unwanted rocks into a payloader, Petra  Two lads check out the photog, Petra  Detail of the port side mosaic in the ancient Christian church, Petra
 The Roman temples, as seen from the ancient church, Petra  Remains of the Roman gateway at the end of the Cardo, Petra  Constructing an outhouse; it rather lacks in grandeur when seen surrounded by Petra  The museum beyond the end of the Cardo, Petra  Dumping the unwanted rocks after moving them a couple of hundred meters, Petra
 In the afternoon, the Tombs of the Kings are sunlit, Petra  The GOK pile (God Only Knows) at the ancient church, Petra  The shelter for the ancient church, Petra  The Tombs of the Kings basking in the afternoon sun, Petra  The western end of the Tombs of the Kings, Petra
 The huge westernmost tomb is not yet sunlit; note the weather station in the lower right; Petra  Detail of a door jamb on the westernmost tomb, Petra  Inside the westernmost tomb Petra  Susan graces a niche some two hundred steps above the valley floor, Petra  An aerie in Petra
 The next to westernmost tomb, Petra  Petra valley in the afternoon sun  Entering the Siq for the journey home, Petra  An impressive facade along the street of several such, between the treasury and the valley, Petra  It is 2:10 PM and people are still arriving at Petra
 As we leave the valley floor, the sun last lights an imposing cliff, Petra  The afternoon sun emblazons the Siq at the treasury end, Petra  A side channel drains into the Siq, Petra  Once started uphill, horses cannot stop because they cannot start on the hill, Petra  Nabatean water aqueducts appear on both sides of the Siq, Petra
 Departing via the Siq from the Treasury end, Petra  Trotting up the Siq on the way home, Petra  Jerash gate, old city of Jerash, Jordan  Ruins at Jerash, Jordan  A capital capital from a capitol in an ancient capital, Jerash, Jordan
 Bagpipes and drums in Jerash, Jordan  Modern Jerash, Jordan as seen from its ancient ruins  Our host and kids in Amman Jordan  I practice my stoic stare while visiting Susan's former student in Amman  "The Abu Bado" -- Once used as a monastery door, Mount Nebo, Jordan
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