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> Annals > 2010 > Mideast > MoreNile
More from our Nile cruise
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 Girls on their side of the classroom, Wady El-Malikat Primary Mixed School, Luxor  Nesting in Karnak Temple  Though the top floor is uninhabitable, someone below uses electricity, an air conditioner, and a satellite dish; a common situation in Egypt  Spelling with a European alphabet is haphazard in Egypt, as demonstrated here in Karnak Temple  Bas relief hieroglyphs, Karnak Temple
 The entry courtyard to Karnak Temple   Restoration is interminable, Karnak Temple  Scaffolding, Karnak Temple  Fallen obelisk gets little respect, Karnak Temple
 The priests prohibited destruction of this obelisk to the queen, so the pharoah built a wall around it  The hall of pillars at Karnak Temple is monumental: huge pillars and lots of them  Ramses protecting his daughter  Cart, Coke, and clothing for sale, Edfu  Coke, clothes, buggy, and Coke
 Coke, clothes, and a motorcycle  Shops across the street from the ship, Edfu  Coffee shop and hangout  A ship just like ours  Returning from a visit to Edfu Temple
 Walking past Coke and clothes, 11:03:17, Edfu  Walking past Coke and cloths, 11:03:32, Edfu  Walking past Coke and cloths, 11:03:36, Edfu  Walking past Coke and cloths, 11:03:41, Edfu  Walking past Coke -- but not cloths, 11:03:46, Edfu
 On shore between Edfu and Kom Ombo  The Nile and its shore are for fishing, livestoick, and farms;  towns and cities lie beyond  The Kom Ombo temple has two of everything and serves two gods  Colored cartouches remain  Earliest image of physician's tools
 The setting sun dramatically lights the hall of pillars  Calendars describe the offerings needed throughout the year  Many guides and groups haunt the Temple of Kom Ombo  Catty-corner to the papyrus shop  Bird inhabiting defaced figure in Philae Temple
 Within Philae Temple  Christian cross reflects one era in the Temple's history  Electricty distribution at the Aswan High Dam  Diagram of Aswan High Dam  The big yellow descending spike is the "Antifilter Curtein" (sic)
 Rocky outcropping reaches to the former ground level; on the way to Abu Simbel  An inlet of Lake Nasser, Abu Simbel  The first Ramses at Abu Simbel  Fallen head of the second Ramses, Abu Simbel  Birds at Abu Simbel
 The four Ramses dwarf the crowd at Abu Simbel  Some visitors to Abu Simbel come by boat across Lake Nasser  Four Ramses dominate the facade, Abu Simbel  Egyptian ladies visiting Abu Simbel  The queen's temple at Abu Simbel
 An avian resident at the queens temple at Abu Simbel  After ages of viewing the desert, the queen's temple at Abu Simbel Ramses now view Lake Nasser  Both temples at Abu Simbel   Since guides must remain outside, this one has corraled his flock in the shade to lecture on Abu Simbel
 A first view of Abu Simbel, the third and fourth Ramses  Watching the spieler at the Alabaster Workshop, Luxor  Taking in a Colossus of Memnon (a companion is to its left)  Three club members served us tea at the Girls Club, Queena  Christians defaced Hathor in his temple at Dendera
 Wonderous decorations remain in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera  Restoration is underway at the Temple of Hathor, Dendera  Every surface is carved at the Temple of Hathor, Dendera  Sundeck of M/S River Anuket at dawn, Edfu  Entryway to Edfu Temple
 Hieroglyphs at Edfu Temple  Inside Edfu Temple  Bird strutting the deck of M/S River Anuket, Kom Ombo  The regularly spaced holes may have held roofs or floors during some past era of the Temple  An outbuilding at Philae Temple
 The Philae Temple once occupied a now sunken island  Felucca on the Nile  Felucca on the Nile with the Qubbet el-Hawa tombs, across the Nile from Aswan   Birds on the Nile
 Sand dunes loom above the Nile just below the Aswan Dam  Aswan Tombs of the Nobles is topped by the Dome of the Winds  Visiting the Aswan Botanical Garden  Palms in the Aswan Botanical Garden
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