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> Annals > 2011 > Lindsay
Princess Lindsay and the Animals
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Photos by Grammy Christian
 In Grammy's new tree  Poof, you're invisible  Bouncin' bliss  Princesses can be wistful  Okay, so I'm a little wary of the big crocodile in the living room
At last, a sunny day in Swaim Park -- October
 The greeting sign -- colorful even in October  The fountain in the little pond  The fountain in the big pond  Lindsay digs a moat  A tree
Birthday FOUR -- August
 Ready to eat  Gâteau flambé  !  Opening carefully  Mommy enjoys watching  The whole party
The princess's Halloween trip to the zoo -- October
 Riding the great ape  The bears were given pumpkins full of fish  The polar bear took a while to get around to smashing  The polar bear chilled out and chowed down  With the hulk -- or the jolly green giant
An abandoned kitten dropped by to enchant the Christians -- October
 Lindsay called him  These pictures were taken to help find a new home for Lucky  Instead, a new home was found in a serendipitous conversation   Lindsay in front of our house in Pittsburgh
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