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> Annals > 2012 > Med Cruise > EvenMore
Even more pictures from our Mediterranean cruise
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 Our ship, the Norwegian Spirit, moored in Mykonos harbor  Harbor beach in Mykonos  Roxannie, Fred&s guide in Mykonos, describing Mykonosian history in the local museum  Ancient gravestones, like this one in Mykonos museum, often depict the deceased saying goodbye  Mykonos town is laid out with tiny twisty alleys to foil pirate invaders
 At ease in Mykonos  There are unbuilt areas in Mykonos, but not many trees  The bells on Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, Mykonos  Susan finally learned on Mykonos the name of the ornamental pine at top right: Araucaria araucana (the monkey puzzle tree)  Blue for sale at Galatis Gallery in Mykonos
 Comparison of ancient and modern street level at Templo Adriano; they differ by five meters. I do not understand why the column bases are irregular below modern street level.  Tourist-choked alley in Rome  The Pantheon&s dome is wider than St. Peters, but the Pantheon has an open oculus; floor drains cope with rain and snow. The indented squares are one of the tricks that lighten the dome.  Dramatic bas relief in the Pantheon of Rome  Stolid carriage horses wait in Plaza del Rotonda outside the Pantheon in Rome
 Bellini carved this elephant holding an obalisque near the Pantheon in Rome  Area Sacra; intermittent excavation depends on funding  Old homes and churches stand cheek-by-jowl with newer buildings in Rome  Arch of Constantine with Palatine Hill--home of Nero and other emperors--to the left and the Colosseum to the right  This southern side of the Colosseum has lost the outer two cylinders that appear at the left edge; for centuries, the Colosseum served as a quarry for builders
 Nero&s house; from which he persecuted Christians to blame them for his fire that burned Rome  Iron was extracted from each pock mark; the Colosseum was both quarry and iron mine for centuries  Inside the Colosseum. Originally there was a wooden floor covered with sand, like that on the left. The Italian word for sand is "arena," hence the English word.  Bricks formed decorative motifs throughout the Colosseum  Part of the eastern wall of The Vatican; crowds awaiting entry extend from here to the corner and around it as far again
 The Vatican Museum courtyard. Each of the signs is a station where a guide is explaining the Sistine Chapel.  Ceiling in the Vatican Museum&s Map Gallery; the pictures are unique throughout, but the shape pattern repeats  The ceiling done, Michaelangelo went on to paint The Last Judgment on the west wall of the Sistine Chapel  Besides God and Adam, the center row of the Sistine Chapel ceiling depicts the seven days of creation and other scenes from Genesis  Only the Pope says mass under this, the largest bronze casting in the world, in St. Peters, Vatican City
 The dome of Saint Peters has more light and decoration than the bigger dome in the Pantheon
 Gaudi&s La Sagrada Familia, from the front, Barcelona  Barcelona from Mount Tibidabo. Norwegian Spirit-our recent home-is at the pier on the right.  Riding the funicular railway from atop Mount Tibidabo, Barcelona  Baroque monument in the roundabout in Plaça d&Espanya near Barcelona&s former bullfight arena  Gothic altarpiece in Museu Nacional d&Art de Catalunya (MNAC), Barcelona
 Corre de Calatrava, communications tower for 1992 Olympics, Barcelona  Corre de Calatrava, communications tower for 1992 Olympics, Barcelona
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