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> Annals > 2012 > Med Cruise > Other
More photos from our Mediterranean cruise
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 The ATLAS control center at CERN is behind glass  The dome at CERN houses a unique multimedia display of CERN&s mission and accomplishments.   The blue tube is a section of the CERN accelerator ring. There are 9000 like it in the ring. It is curved by 2 millimeters.  School kids waiting to cross a street in Geneva  "Subscribe! to all the emotion", as seen on our "train" ride through the old town of Geneva  This bust of the founder of the Red Cross ("Croix rouge") graces the former site of public hangings in Geneva
 Lobby of the St. Gervais, our hotel in Geneva
 Porters transporting us and our luggage to our B&B in Venice. The only taxis in Venice are water taxis.  Our B&B actually had a clothes washer we could use.  And after four days we already had enough laundry to take advantage.  Tidal waters have benn unkind to this door as to so many others in Venice.  Finding one&s way is aided by numerous signs such as the one at the left for "Parrochia Di S. Stefano."  This vendor&s wares outside Piazza San Marco in Venice are only a bit more gaudy than the others.  Basilica San Marco and the Campanile, Piazza San Marco,
 Collanade along south side of Piazza San Marco, Venice  Looking North from the Ponte di Rialto over Venice&s Grand Canal
 Ancient Acropolis wall, Athens. Every city had an acropolis, the last inner set of defenses on a hilltop.  The agora (marketplace) as seen from the Acropolis, Athens  Modern shopping street in Plaka, in the shadow of the Acropolis, Athens  Graphiti is everywhere in Athens and Europe, thanks to American spray cans
 Excavation and restoration continue throughout Ephesus. Only 15% is yet uncovered.  Manhole cover. This Ephesian street boasts a still-viable sewer.  Stones in Ephesus were joined in some places with iron rods and in others with lead.  The latter was mined by rebels to form bullets.  This flat area at the lower, port-side, end of the street was the marketplace agora in Ephesus  Roman theaters everywhere have lost their stages. Ephesus is where this stage isn&t.
 Our Ephesus guide points out a feature of the Ancient port, now silted in.  Our cruise line staged a "spectacle" to show us ancient times in Ephesus  A Corinthean capital with iron rod in Ephesus
 On land in European Istanbul: the Turkish flag at the Ataturk monument, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia (Sacred Wisdom), and the Blue Mosque;  afloat: three of the myriad ferries, fishing boats, a yacht  Icon over door to Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: Constantine and Justinian at the sides of Theodokos, the mother of God, holding a baby Jesus with an adult face.  Minaret of Hagia Sofia museum, Istanbul  Susan adds a knot to a carpet at a shop in Istanbul  The rug merchant makes his pitch in Istanbulan
 Shop of blue and other ceramics in the largest covered bazaar in the world; Istanbul  One side aisle in Istanbul&s bazaar  Moderen Moslem Woman in turkey sporting shades, drinking coffee, talking on cell phone, and smoking
 Everyone needs to catch some Zs and rays in Mykonos  Exploring the tidewater on Mykonos  The windmills of Mykonos  Architectural details are painted in strong primary colors in Mykonos  Flower in Mykonos
 Susan posing before Vesuvius in the forum of Pompei  Lemon tree rootstock is hardier than orange, so orange limbs are grafted to lemon tree in Naples  Vesuvius looms over a street of shops in Pompei  Roses in Sorrento  Villa clings to cliff in Naples
 Susan and the port of Naples  Susan&s guide watches demonstrator make cheese  Temple of Venus in Pompei. Cremation crypts are beneath it.  Steps, colums, and a decorated wall in Pompei  Pompeians were asphixiated by gases and later lost in drifts of volcanic ash. Their fat and watery parts soaked into the ash, leaving cavities. Archeologists filled these cavities with plaster to make dramatic images.
 Climbing Vesuvius (Dewald)  Naples harbor (Dewald)  Vesuvius crater (Dewald)
 The map gallery; forty excellent maps of Italian regions created without modern tools  Arches incorporated in the wall of Rome&s Pantheon help support the massive dome  Let your hands do the talking in Rome, II  Statuary on a table in the Vatican Museum  Inside the Pantheon, Rome
 If this is the tower, it must be Pisa  Birds perching on toes, Florence  Main door of Florence&s Duomo Cathedral
 Mega-multi communication tower, Mount Tibidabo, Barcelona  Gaudi&s La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for over a century, Barcelona  Susan likes the angles in this shot from the MNAC plaza, Barcelona  Sculpture outside Joan Miro museum, Barcelona  Dutch troubador singing beautifully in English, below MNAC plaza, Barcelona
 Gateway arch to Barcelona Port  Tibidabo Cathedral del Sagrat Cor on Tibidabo Mountain overlooking Barcelona  Statue of Columbus, Barcelona Harbor  Pyrenees from the French-Spanish border  Farmland in the Rhône Valley, France
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